Walsall LOC promotes National Eye Health Week


Walsall LOC and Walsall public health had a joint venture to promote national eye health awareness week and to discuss the importance of eye health and regular eye examinations to the general public.

On Monday 22nd Sept Joanne Tutt our CET officer and members of public health set up a stall outside the main Tesco store in Walsall talking to shoppers about the importance of sight tests. Tuesday’s event was inside the saddlers centre where an unused shop was commandeered for the day as a base. Shamina, Aneesa and Aisha (LOC members) took control of this event and did a sterling job of creating interest in all aspects of eye health. They were involved in giving out ‘healthy’ foods to promote the importance of nutrition and eye health.

Wednesday consisted of a meeting of ‘Walsall over 50s forum’. This group helps promote any issues that affect the more mature members of the community. Our Chair went to have a discussion about any issues that were of concern to this particular group about eye health.

This is the first time there was such a fantastic event organised and hopefully we encouraged members of the public to think about their eyes! Thank you to all involved!