About Us

Walsall LOC is the organisation representing Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians in Walsall. Our function is to liaise with NHS England, local area teams and CCG’s on matters relating to eye care. We also organise CET events and peer discussion events for optical professionals.

Walsall LOC have good relationships with public health Walsall and the local medical commitee  and are constantly working towards new initiatives.

We are also associated with other LOC’s and form part of the Regional Optical Committee (ROC).

Meetings take place around 5 times a year. All are welcome to attend.

We strongly encourage contractors and performers in the Walsall area to bring any concerns they may have to us. Any queries or matters you would like to bring to our attention please contact us.

Meet the Team

Our officers






David Stevens 


 Dave qualified as a dispensing optician and contact lens optician over 30 years ago and acquired Moores Opticians in Walsall in the year 2000, the grey hair followed on quickly. He has always wanted to see Optometry progress in the Walsall area and so decided to become Chair of Walsall LOC.


Tajinder Singh Showker


Taj graduated from Aston University in 2008 and works as a resident Optometrist for Specsavers Opticians Walsall. Taj enjoys teaching and training others and has been involved in university mentoring schemes as well as supervision of pre-registration students. His interests involve web development and management.


aisha j

Aisha Jeewa


Aisha was educated in Wolverhampton and studied Optometry at City University in London. She currently owns an independent community practice for 20 yrs, and hasbeen  involved in many community activities. Health and social events in community centres, and promotion of the importance of sight tests has been one of her key objectives.


Andrew Clarke


Andy graduated from Aston University in 1994. He has been a practising optician in Walsall for over 20 years and has been a director of Specsavers Opticians in Walsall since 1996. Andy is also a director of Specsavers Opticians Bloxwich, Specsavers Opticians Brownhills & Specsavers Hearcare Walsall.




Joanne Tutt

CET officer

Jo is currently a locum Optometrist, having worked for Boots in the past. She is currently balancing her home life, working and studying a PhD at Aston University.