Cataract Referral Pathway (Pre and Post)

Cataract Pre and Post Service Contract and Protocol 

The prime purpose of the Cataract Service is to reduce the number of patient visits overall and to include as few visits to secondary care as possible.
The schemes are only available to those who are registered with a Walsall GP.

Key contract points: Pre Cataract

• All provision of service must be recorded on the IT system (it’s the only way you will get paid)
• Routine Sight test reveals the presence of a Cataract.
• Cataract assessment to include .
Pupil dilation and examination in order to establish any co-existing ocular disorders.
• Discussion of health questionnaire
• Discussion of advantages and disadvantages of cataract extraction and ascertain patient willingness for surgery
• Vision 6/12 or worse AND affecting patient’s lifestyle.
• You must complete the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires in order to receive the fee , there is one for pre and one for post.. Any referral will be processed, but the record will not be processed for fees until the questionnaires are completed. The company has a target for completed questionnaires and will be monitoring for any practice marking an unreasonable number of them as not completed.


The Fax numbers for cataract referrals are:

WALSALL HES: Fax 01922 656727

WOLVERHAMPTON New Cross HES: FAX 01902 695755


Key contract points : Post Cataract
• 4 to 6 weeks after surgery the patient attends with a post cataract audit form. The form needs to be completed with, refraction , aided and unaided VAs , satisfaction rating of the patient and recommendations for further action.
• GOS or private sight test fees apply.
• Post cataract form is returned to the Ophthalmologist.
• Any serious symptoms refer back to Eye Department

To be accredited to provide this service the following is required:

Both contractors and practitioners are required to provide some documentation.

The following documents are provided to the company.

• Quality in Optometry Level 1
• Quality in Optometry NHS Std Contract Checklist (All 3 parts) to be completed no later than 1st march 2017
• Comply with CCG Safeguarding Policy
• Copy of practice Employers & Public Liability Insurance Certificate

The following documents are uploaded when registering to provide Cataract Services.

• WOPEC/LOCSU Cataract accreditation certificate
• DOCET Children safeguarding certificate
• DOCET Adult safeguarding certificate

Routine referrals
Routine referrals are made via Optomanager automatically from system. In all consultations a report is generated to the GP. There are text boxes so you can provide more detailed information. These routine referrals may either be to the GP (not for onward referral) or to ophthalmology.

Post cataract forms need to be posted to Manor Hospital  with the name of the consultant on it.

Manor Hospital Route 007 – Eye Clinic,Moat Rd, Walsall WS2 9PS.

Urgent Referrals 
Urgent referrals are made in Optomanager direct to Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary Acute Referral Clinic. These will be triaged by staff at ARC who will contact the patient to offer an appointment within the appropriate timescale. It is vital that the referring optometrist ensures the correct contact telephone number is recorded for the patient and that they are aware of the process involved and the requirement for urgency. The patient should contact the optometrist in the event that an appointment is not offered by ARC or there is a breakdown in communication.

If you have an urgent referral outside the normal hours of the eye casualty service (e.g. evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday) then phone ARC for assistance. You should contact them by phoning New Cross Hospital switchboard on 01902 307999 and asking for ARC or the on-call ophthalmology doctor.

Referral guidelines for Walsall are available here



Patient Choice Leaflet

A Web based version of Understanding Cataracts is here. If you require multiple copies from the RNIB there is a charge.