Professional Information


All contacts regarding MECS should be recorded, even if they don’t result in an appointment.   In reality, this means that you must record any cases where you advise the patient to go straight to New Cross Hospital ARC, or go back to the original referrer (GP, other optician) without seeing them.  This is for your own protection, so that there is a record.

You must complete a triage of referrals into your practice via a MECS reception triage form, so that referrals immediately apparent as inappropriate are sent straight to New Cross ARC with appropriate urgency (24 hours or 72 hours) without seeing them in MECS, or bounced back to the original referrer (with comments) without seeing them in MECS.  Again, make a note of the contact on the IT.

Triage form

This form is to be used when assessing how quickly an appointment needs to be booked in practice for the Minor eye Conditions service. All front line staff need to be trained on how to use the form.

Download: Triage Form

Regional Wide Information

Eyecare West Midlands

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